1. Playoff game. Season ends for the loser. Under 2 minutes remaining. B1,

whose team is losing badly, delivers a big illegal check. What might be

the best option? You might consider a 2-min non-releasable penalty so

that B1 is done for the day.

2. Playoff game as above. Scrum between opposing players. Punches

are thrown but you are not quite sure which team and which numbers.

What now? When an ejection is involved, especially in a playoff game

where another game lies ahead for the winner, you have to be sure of the

identity of an ejected player.

3. Playoff game as above. Lightning delay in 4th quarter

darkness. Coach of team that is ahead says ¾ of the game have been

played so it counts as a legal game. What now? Playoff games are

completed …even at a later date if necessary.

4. Playoff game as above. Final few seconds and Team B scores the go-
ahead goal. Team A coach requests an equipment check on Team B

scorer. You discover he has no shoulder pads. What now? Equipment

violations on items other than a stick have no bearing on a goal not


5. Playoff game as above. Game starts and Team B says:”That hasn’t been

called all year long! Let the kids play! It’s the playoffs!” Your response?

No response really other than calling the game the way you have all




  1. Lead official awards ball to attacking team A on an out of bounds. A1 restarts quickly, passes to A2 who scores. Lead official now says Team B should have been awarded the ball on the restart. Now what? Under NCAA rules you could go back and fix this error after the restart whistle has started play. Under NFHS you cannot.  7.13.1 Sit. C. This situation is not one of the items listed in “Goal Not Counted.” This is an error you’d better catch a) before you restart play or b) immediately after the restart (even though you are on thin ice there, too).
  2. Team A has possession as defender B1 stumbles into the goal and knocks it off line. A1 shoots and puts the ball in the goal. Now what? Cages and goals may move…but goal lines never do. Goal is good if it crossed the goal line.
  3. A1 is pushed into the crease illegally by B1 just as A2 shoots and scores. Now what? A goal can never be scored with a player from the attacking team in the crease.
  4. A1 shoots and ball enters the goal. Official signals goal. Goalie B1 claims the ball never went in and the ball is now lying on the outside of the net. A1 claims there is a hole in the net where the ball passed through. Now what? Confer with your fellow official and determine what you saw.
  5. Three seconds left in a period. A1 ball. Shoots, scores. Timekeeper never started the clock. Three seconds are still on the scoreboard. Now what? Confer with fellow official. Did ball cross the line before or after the period ended? 4-9-2-b.




1. Team A is in its offensive half of the field early in the first period and Team A coach calls a

TO. Why might he be calling a TO at that point? Maybe his team has too many players on the field and/or his team is offsides.


  1. Coach Team A calls for a TO just before/as A1 shoots and scores. Now what? 4-9-2-m. No goal. Award TO.
  2. A1 is about to lose the ball. He calls for a TO to the nearest official who stops play and grants the TO. Team A Coach says only head coach can call TO. Your response? Players on the field can call TO, too. 4-25-2
  3. Team A has the ball. Your back is to the Team A bench when you hear “Time Out! Time out!” coming from the Team A bench/coach area. What do you do? Assume it is the HC and award the TO.
  4. List the circumstances whereby a team may lose one of its TOs. Second request by a HC in which no violations are found for an equipment check or a count for long sticks on the field. 6-5-2-o. And 7-13: request for a Double Horn in which official has not misapplied a rule.


Ball is loose. Attackman A1 steps into crease. Play on. A1 now slashes the B goalie. What now? A1’s slash now stops the play-on and A1 serves time for the slash.

B1 slashes A1. FDSW. A1 scores. B coach requests stick check on A1. Pocket is deep. What happens now? Rule 5-5. Goal is wiped out. A1 serves 1 min NR…stick can return if fixed.

Teams are lined up to faceoff. A1 and B1 start pushing each other. Officials send both players off for 1-min USC each. What happens now?  7-6-art. 4 Conduct a FO. Would your answer change if this were B1’s second USC foul? B1’s second USC is a 3min. ejection so B would have more penalty time than A. Award ball to Team A no faceoff.

A1 slashes B1 during a live ball. FDSW. Play continues for another 30 seconds whereupon B2 slashes A2. Coach DH says: “These are not simultaneous fouls as they didn’t occur at the same time.” Your response? The word “simultaneous” is misleading: 7-6 Art. 1 Note: Most simulataneous fouls do not occur at the exact same time.

Play has stopped. A1, B1, A2, B2 start pushing and shoving but officials cannot determine sequence of events. What now? 7-6-Art. 1 b. If penalty times are equal for both teams, go AP. If not, award ball to team with less penalty time.

Quiz #5. 2014 

Team A is leading with 1:55 to play and A2 is slashed by Team B as A1 crosses midfield with the ball. A1 is now slashed before he touches in the attack area. What do you do? Play continues with a second flag. New rule about stopping play on the second flag with under 2:00 to play is only in effect for the second flag that occurs when the leading team has possession in the attack area. 7-8-2K

Team A is leading with 1:44 to play. A1 has not touched it in the attack area and Team A Head Coach calls for a TO. What is the clearing count on the restart? Ball location determines count upon the restart: either 20 or 10. 4-13 Sit. A

Team B is trailing by one goal with 2:33 to play. They have the ball and appear not to be “attacking the goal.” May they be warned for stalling? Yes, counterintuitive as this may seem.

Team B is trailing by a goal with 5:00 to play when lightning stops the game for at least 30 minutes. No lights at the field and it is getting late and dark. Team A is the visitor with a long drive home on a school night. Team A coach wants the game to end as “Under VPA rules the game is considered complete when ¾ have been played.” What do you do? Team A coach is correct in his recitation of the VPA rule, but the ultimate authority on whether the game continues rests with the officials (considering safety and input from both coaches).

When does a stall warning end? 6010-Art. 2. Goal scored, defense gaining possession or period ends resulting in a faceoff. Remember that defense gaining passion on a fdsw simply stops the fdsw…has no bearing on the stall warning.

Quiz #4, 2014 Answers


  1. What do you do if a coach or player is verbally abusive after the game has ended? 5-12-1 Sit. A. Throw flag, assess penalty, make sure it is recorded in scorebook. Provide details on Arbiter in your game report
  2. A fight erupts during a game, but you are not sure of the number of one of the combatants. What do you do? There can be no guessing on this one. If you are ejecting a player then you need to be 100% sure you have the right player.
  3. During the game, there are no or few game balls on the end line. What do you do? Politely request that the home coach replenish.
  4. HC coach says they have no ball retrievers for the game. What do you do? 2-10-2 Situation. Ball retrievers are not required.
  5. At half time, it appears as if the goal differential in the second half might reach 12. What do you do? Quietly make sure the timer knows what to do.


Quiz #3, 2014


  1. A1 has no shoulder pads and has an illegal stick. How many penalty minutes does he serve? Penalize only the most severe violation 5.5. Sit. F
  2. There is no horn (hand-held or automatic) at the game site/table. Home HC says, “With new subbing rules we don’t have to provide a horn!!” Your response? Rule 1-12. Horn required.
  3. You go to certify the HC prior to the game and he says, “Johnny Double Horn and I are co-head coaches.” Your response? Rule 2-3-1. One coach is the HC.
  4. What color or colors constitute a legal mouthpiece? Page 14. Any color other than white or clear

What are we, as officials, looking for with regard to shoulder pads when we do an equipment check? We are looking for some protection in the shoulder area.


Quiz #2, 2014 Answers in Red

1. A1 comes to faceoff with tape on the plastic throat of the crosse. What do you do? He must be replaced by a player with a legal crosse. If the 20-second timer goes off before the subbing or change takes place then it is delay of game 1-7-art 5
2. Coach DH requests an equipment check on A12. “I demand to see the measurement.” Your response? “My job, Coach, is to inform you, not convince you. We will inform both benches what we find.” 4-27-art 2 -C
3. Team A arrives with nine players. Team A Coach, “Can we start with nine as more players are coming in a late car?” Your response? Game cannot start with a team with fewer than 10 players Rule 2-1. If the game is delayed past its starting time by just a short while, award ball to other team after the missing van has arrived: 6-5-2-d. If the time period is extended, a forfeit looms.
4. Goalie A12 gets a penalty. Can in-home A3 serve it for him? No. Rule 5-1. But remember 2-1-1 Situation: his replacement MAY have a one-minute warmup.
5. Assistant coach of Team A gets an USC foul. Is that penalty assessed to him or to the Head Coach who “is responsible for the actions of all non-playing members of the squad”? Assess the penalty to the miscreant, not the HC. 2-3-2 Situation


The 2014 rules test will be available on line from March 1 to May 1, but should be taken before your first game.  You can not take the test prior to March 1st.  To take the exam:

1.       Go to www.nfhs.org
2.       Click on Online Exams upper right-hand section of the home page.
3.       At the bottom of the State list, click on NFHS Testing Site
4.       Type in your Username and Password from last year, or request a new ID if it is your first time
5.       Select the NFHS Boy’s Lacrosse Test VPA and VLOA both receive confirmation that you have taken the test, so you do not need to send anybody your results.  Under VLOA by-laws, the test is a requirement to officiate HS games.

Concussion Training: Every Official from VLOA MUST have completed concussion training prior to working any games in 2014. To complete the course click here. (Sign up for the course by creating a NFHS account, then ordering the course). For more complete instructions click here. If you have already completed the course, email a copy of your certificate to Jim Manahan (timaigh@yahoo.com)

Patches We are working on an update on getting more VLOA patches

Commemorate Keith Page – We will be going with an armband this year to commemorate Keith Page’s service to VLOA. They should be delivered in the next couple of days and will be mailed to members.

Insurance If you need NFHS insurance or need to renew your NFHS insurance contact Jamie Stewart to renew (jstewart699@comcast.net).

Need to have great attendance at the VLOA biz meeting on Sunday, May 4th location TBD. There are several items the membership would like to vote on.

Assignors notes from 3/30/14




Quiz #1, 2014

Home Team Coach has no game balls that say “Meets NOCSAE Standard.” Coach says,”We can’t afford new balls…wasn’t a problem or issue in our last game!!” What do you do? 1-5-Sit. A. If visitors have legal balls, use them and give them possession on opening faceoff. If no NOCSAE balls, game cannot be played.

2. One minute left in the game. Team B ahead and they are clearing the ball on a restart. Team A subs out its goalie and replaces him with a speedy middie to ride. What do you do? 2-1. FDSW.


3. During the game, Team B coach says to you as run past him, “A12 has black eye shade all the way down his cheek!!!” What do you do? Several options including:

1. “Are you requesting an equipment check on A12, Coach?”

2. “We’ll check it when we get a chance, Coach.” 1-10-1 Sit. E


4. Do we monitor the post-game handshake? Yes


5. During the game, Coach DH yells out, “The home team doesn’t have 4 balls on that far sideline!!

That should be delay of game!!”  What do you do? Request that home team resupply the balls over there.



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