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The below test needs to be completed by April 3rd, 2015. It is a requirement of VLOA that you complete this test to be certified to work as a Boys lacrosse official.


*If you have a login, use it, if you need one sign up for it.

Here is the link to the 15 min. concussion video that was mentioned at the meeting yesterday.



Check out our Rule Update page for clarifications on 2015 NFHS Rules

NFHS 2/13/15 Memo Clarifying Rulebook posted on Rules Update

2015 NCAA lacrosse rules.

This years 1st meeting will be March 22nd, 9am-Noon at Randolph Union High School, Directions

Agenda will be updated as we get closer.

This is a mandatory meeting for VLOA Members.

VLOA is looking for new members in 2015!

– get in shape while participating in a lacrosse game
– earn extra money while doing something you love
– be part of the fastest game on 2 feet!
– participate in the fastest growing sport in the US

To Join:

The process for joining VLOA is simple.  Send a check for $20, made out to VLOA, to:

c/o Jamie Stewart
699 Arch St
Pittsford, VT 05763

Please include mailing address, e-mail address, home phone, work phone, and cell phone contact information.  The new rule book and test information will be forwarded mid January.  Future years the dues will be one varsity game fee (currently $75), but we keep the cost low for first year officials due to the expense for uniform and equipment.  We will also be providing information on discounts on officials’ equipment through national suppliers when we mail the rule books.

Once you are a member we will be in touch with dates for our annual training meeting and scrimmages to get some experience. New Officials Clinic will be Sunday March 22 9am Randolph High School

The 2014 rules test will be available on line from March 1 to May 1, but should be taken before your first game.  You can not take the test prior to March 1st.  To take the exam:

1.       Go to www.nfhs.org
2.       Click on Online Exams upper right-hand section of the home page.
3.       At the bottom of the State list, click on NFHS Testing Site
4.       Type in your Username and Password from last year, or request a new ID if it is your first time
5.       Select the NFHS Boy’s Lacrosse Test VPA and VLOA both receive confirmation that you have taken the test, so you do not need to send anybody your results.  Under VLOA by-laws, the test is a requirement to officiate HS games.

Concussion Training: Every Official from VLOA MUST have completed concussion training prior to working any games in 2014. To complete the course click here. (Sign up for the course by creating a NFHS account, then ordering the course). For more complete instructions click here. If you have already completed the course, email a copy of your certificate to Jim Manahan (timaigh@yahoo.com)

Patches We are working on an update on getting more VLOA patches

Commemorate Keith Page – We will be going with an armband this year to commemorate Keith Page’s service to VLOA. They should be delivered in the next couple of days and will be mailed to members.

Insurance If you need NFHS insurance or need to renew your NFHS insurance contact Jamie Stewart to renew (jstewart699@comcast.net).

Need to have great attendance at the VLOA biz meeting on Sunday, May 4th location TBD. There are several items the membership would like to vote on.

Assignors notes from 3/30/14





1.       Welcome, Coffee and sign-in


2.       President’s Introduction and Welcome

3.       Eric’s presentation on rule changes

4.       Jim’s training review clinic

5.       2014 Rules video

6.       Assignor’s report


-Meeting schedule for the spring 2014:

Sunday, March 30th, 8-12 RUHS (confirmed)

Sunday, May 4th, Location and time TBD.

Tuesday, June 3rd, 6pm, Location TBD


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