1. A1 comes to faceoff with tape on the plastic throat of the crosse. What do you do?

  2. Coach DH requests an equipment check on A12. “I demand to see the measurement.” Your response?

  3. Team A arrives with nine players. Team A Coach, “Can we start with nine as more players are coming in a late car?” Your response?

  4. Goalie A12 gets a penalty. Can in-home A3 serve it for him?

  5. Assistant coach of Team A gets an USC foul. Is that penalty assessed to him or to the Head Coach who “is responsible for the actions of all non-playing members of the squad”?


The 2014 rules test will be available on line from March 1 to May 1, but should be taken before your first game.  You can not take the test prior to March 1st.  To take the exam:

1.       Go to www.nfhs.org
2.       Click on Online Exams upper right-hand section of the home page.
3.       At the bottom of the State list, click on NFHS Testing Site
4.       Type in your Username and Password from last year, or request a new ID if it is your first time
5.       Select the NFHS Boy’s Lacrosse Test VPA and VLOA both receive confirmation that you have taken the test, so you do not need to send anybody your results.  Under VLOA by-laws, the test is a requirement to officiate HS games.

Concussion Training: Every Official from VLOA MUST have completed concussion training prior to working any games in 2014. To complete the course click here. (Sign up for the course by creating a NFHS account, then ordering the course). For more complete instructions click here. If you have already completed the course, email a copy of your certificate to Jim Manahan (timaigh@yahoo.com)

Patches We are working on an update on getting more VLOA patches

Commemorate Keith Page – We will be going with an armband this year to commemorate Keith Page’s service to VLOA. They should be delivered in the next couple of days and will be mailed to members.

Insurance If you need NFHS insurance or need to renew your NFHS insurance contact Jamie Stewart to renew (jstewart699@comcast.net).

Need to have great attendance at the VLOA biz meeting on Sunday, May 4th location TBD. There are several items the membership would like to vote on.

Assignors notes from 3/30/14




Quiz #1, 2014

Home Team Coach has no game balls that say “Meets NOCSAE Standard.” Coach says,”We can’t afford new balls…wasn’t a problem or issue in our last game!!” What do you do? 1-5-Sit. A. If visitors have legal balls, use them and give them possession on opening faceoff. If no NOCSAE balls, game cannot be played.

2. One minute left in the game. Team B ahead and they are clearing the ball on a restart. Team A subs out its goalie and replaces him with a speedy middie to ride. What do you do? 2-1. FDSW.


3. During the game, Team B coach says to you as run past him, “A12 has black eye shade all the way down his cheek!!!” What do you do? Several options including:

1. “Are you requesting an equipment check on A12, Coach?”

2. “We’ll check it when we get a chance, Coach.” 1-10-1 Sit. E


4. Do we monitor the post-game handshake? Yes


5. During the game, Coach DH yells out, “The home team doesn’t have 4 balls on that far sideline!!

That should be delay of game!!”  What do you do? Request that home team resupply the balls over there.



1.       Welcome, Coffee and sign-in


2.       President’s Introduction and Welcome

3.       Eric’s presentation on rule changes

4.       Jim’s training review clinic

5.       2014 Rules video

6.       Assignor’s report


-Meeting schedule for the spring 2014:

Sunday, March 30th, 8-12 RUHS (confirmed)

Sunday, May 4th, Location and time TBD.

Tuesday, June 3rd, 6pm, Location TBD





      1. Wing player A1’s foot is on the line when the faceoff official says “Set.” Legal? Yes. A good time to warn BOTH players to respect the line is when you first see it.
      2. The head of A1’s crosse is tilted forward when the faceoff official says “Set.” Legal? No. Everything must be legal at “Set.”
      3. Coach A calls “timeout” after the faceoff official says “Set” but before the whistle is blown. Legal? Yes




        1. What is the difference between an Illegal Offensive Screen and Interference?
        2. A1 kicks the ball into B’s goal. Legal?
        3. Team A is awarded the ball on the endline after a shot. All Team A players head upfield and no one seems interested in picking up the ball for the restart. What do you do?
        4. A1 in possession of the ball runs upfield toward B2 A1 lowers his head and bowls over B2. Legal play?
        5. One official is reporting a penalty to the table. What should the other official be doing?


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