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Open Letter to VLOA Members

Good Afternoon VLOA Members,

I hope that you’ve had a restful and eventful summer as the weather has been a steady mix of showers, storms and sun. Lacrosse weekends in Stowe were hot and filled with spirited contests.

For those of you who have not heard, our Assignor, Terry Harlow has stepped down after years of service to Vermont High School Lacrosse. His passion and participation as a member of VLOA and then as our assignor has contributed greatly to our continued work to be consistent, fair and knowledgeable officials. It is the goal of the executive board to have representation and voice in the selection of our next assignor.

The Board of Directors met in June to discuss, if the need arose, our participation in the Assignor selection process. Our Bylaws, referenced here state: Article 5 (g). The Board of Directors shall appoint the Rules Interpreter and shall make recommendations to the leagues and the VPA as to the appointment of the Assignor(s). We identified the need to contact both the Lacrosse Committee and Melba Masse, of the NVAC to promote our desire to be involved. The most current information gathered was distributed in an email and posted to our website.

It is my opinion that a candidate for Assignor be:

  • A Member of VLOA with 3 or more years as an official
  • A positive and constructive communicator
  • Knowledgeable of Official’s skills
  • Willing to provide transparent feedback from coaches and AD’s as necessary
  • Support the training/recruitment process
  • Organized and able to use the appropriate assigning software

The VLOA Board of Directors has not made any recommendations to the VPA or the Lacrosse Committee who ultimately will make the decision. In the interest of transparency and continuity among our membership, interested individuals may strongly consider communicating their intentions to the Board. We have an association in need of cohesiveness and unity. The opportunity to identify a new assignor is an important endeavor.

Training and Recruitment of Officials:

It is always the right time to recruit new officials. A reflection and discussion we’ve had for years is the need for training and recruitment earlier than our first business meeting. In June, the Board of Directors discussed potential training, class time and field time in the fall.

  • Game On VT may be organizing a Fall/Winter HS league at the Fairgrounds in Essex which would provide a great opportunity to train officials. Watch for details. I am hoping this league takes shape.
  • Norwich University conducts a fall scrimmage on the second or third weekend in October that has served as a one day training opportunity in the past. We’d like to do this again. Watch for announcements. Just recently, I talked to the coach and he may have additional intrasquad scrimmages that we can utilize. He will be in touch with Jeff Snyder and myself to organize this.

Additional Notes:

  • Dues August 1st
  • Board of Director discussed moving the first business meeting to January.


Brett DiVenere
VLOA President

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