Interested in Officiating

Thanks for your interest in the Vermont Lacrosse Officials Association.

The Vermont Lacrosse Officials Association (VLOA), founded in 1993, is the premier association in the state and provides officials for the vast majority of games in Vermont, as well as fall and summer adult, high school and youth games and tournaments throughout the year.

To become a VLOA adult member there are dues and a required annual meeting in March; this is a clinic and rules interpretation process, and for new officials, there is specific training as well.

To get high school accreditation, we use the National Federation of High School (NFHS) boys lacrosse test, and rule book.

VLOA members will get the rule book as soon as these are published, sometime early in the new year.

The NFHS test is online, and we’ll broadcast instructions when the rule books are mailed.
In addition to the online test, in Vermont there is a two year certification for concussion awareness per state statute.

In addition there are training requirements having to do with the officials roles with youth and being aware of safety on/off the field.

Your dues also provide supplemental insurance for the entire school year; if you officiate high school in Vermont already you may already be covered.

For new officials, once they are VLOA members and have their March training, the Assignor will then offer assignments based on the officials prior experience.

Typically first year officials may do mostly middle school with a senior official; ultimately which assignments are made are the Assignor‘s decision.

WE have a required meeting before the season; at that time or in its vicinity there are typically scrimmages where VLOA may also do 3-man training, where the officials will rotate through a scrimmage and be mentored by off-field officials.

This effort varies from year to year, and which high schools are able to get on a usable field in March or early April. VLOA also has other 3-man training during other times of the year, including upcoming this fall (2017).

Take a look around the VLOA website, and feel free to reply if you have questions.


For more information, fill out this form and a VLOA board member will be in touch.