NFHS Boys Lacrosse Q & A 3/31/2017

NFHS Boys Lacrosse Q & A 3/31/2017 Q: B1 is closely guarding ball carrier A1 when the official becomes aware that B1 is not wearing his […]

NFHS vs. NCAA Lacrosse Rule Differences

Most Important NFHS vs. NCAA Rule Differences for 2017 Procedures NFHS NCAA Stick requirements Refer to full list of rule differences Refer to full list of […]

2017 NFHS Rules Video

The National Federation High School Association rules video for the 2017 Boy’s Lacrosse is now available.        

2017 NFHS Rules Test now open

The 2017 National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Boy’s Lacrosse Rules test is now open. To take the annual test, go to

2017 Two-Man and Three-Man Mechanics manuals added to Rules page

The 2017 Two-Man and Three-Man Mechanics manuals and PowerPoint presentations have been added to the ‘Rules’ page. Click here to view the manuals.

Quiz #7

A1 is injured as a goal is scored. The faceoff is delayed a bit so that A1 can be tended to and gets to walk off […]

Quiz #6

Teams are tied at the end of regulation. What are an official’s duties between now and the start of OT? Rule 4-29. Conduct a cointoss to […]

Quiz #5

Team A has satisfied the 10-sec. count into its attack area. Team passes ball but it is overthrown and ball comes to rest on the midline. […]

Quiz #4

A1 shoots and the head comes off the stick during the shot. a) goal is scored or b) goal is not scored. Ruling? Who gets ball? […]

Quiz 3

What is the difference between a disqualification and an ejection? Page 63…a player who accumulates 5 minutes of personal foul time has fouled out=disqualification. Page 63…ejection […]