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Need New Referee Shirts for the Season? Order Your Sublimated VLOA Referee Shirts!

VLOA Officials, we have made arrangements with WearStripes to offer sublimated Vermont referee shirts, both long and short sleeves, that includes the American flag patch over the breast pocket as well as the VLOA patch on the left sleeve.

These shirts do not require any sewing of patches and you do not have to worry about patches puckering after every wash.

Prices are $32.00 for short sleeves and $36.00 for long.

The store opens on February 3, 2021 and will be open for 10 days only. If you order before February 15, it should arrive in time to your doorsteps for lacrosse season.

To order order your shirt, go to the following site to register and order online:

See sample of short sleeve shirt below:

Zimagear Referee Shirts








Any questions or concerns, please contact Jeff Dobbin:



2021 News News and Announcements

2021 NFHS Rules Exam

The 2021 NFHS Rules Exam is currently open

Take the test here by clicking on the link (if you are a new member, you will need to create a new account)

2021 News News and Announcements

NFHS Concussion Training Program

Game officials shall complete the NFHS concussion training programs every two years.

  • The bi-yearly certification requirement is only valid between July 1st and June 30th of a given academic year.

The National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) training module, “Concussions in Sports: What You Need to Know”, is the approved training programs and may accessed using the link:

Concussions in Sports: What You Need to Know (click link to get to training)

News and Announcements

2021 Boys High School Lacrosse Rules Interpretation

The NFHS has released the 2021 boys high school rules lacrosse interpretation. While the rule book will remain for the use of the 2020 edition, some rules were emphasized for importance. A major rule change for the 2021 season is the goalie equipment, specifically the chest protectors.

Watch the video below:

News and Announcements

Fall/Winter 2020 Updates

Dear VLOA Members, I hope this note finds you all well and staying safe. We just completed  the fall sport seasons this past weekend and we can now start thinking about the upcoming spring sports in 2021. Again the VPA and the State of Vermont will determine how the season will be handled.

A few things to note from several soccer and football officials during the fall season:
1. Players, coaches, and spectators (if any) masked at all times.
2. Officials to wear mask during pre-game and halftime, but not during play on field (football – if near sideline, wear mask)
3. Most officials wore masks during play and used electornic whistles. Eric Evans recommend the Fox 40 electronic whistle as others are not loud enough to hear outdoors. 
4. Football – some officials used whistle on a lanyard that fit under mask/neck gaiter. Some had issues with electronic whistles at first and reverted back to hand whistles. 
5. Football and soccer did not have coin toss. No hand shakes or contact of any kind during pre or post game. 

That being said, it is up to you if you want to purchase electronic whistles and if wish to do so, order ahead of time as some vendors have reported some items being on backorder. 

Hopefully the winter season will progress with few issues so that we can go into the spring on a positive note.

At time time we may be doing a virtual annual meeting sometime in early January. We will keep you posted.

We do have a few new names that have expressed an interest in officiating for Spring 2021.

If you know that you will not be officiating please let me know ASAP. I will get another note out before the end of the year.

As always if you have any questions please get back to me.

Paul Trono

2020 News

US Lacrosse Men’s Officials Webinar Schedule

The Education and Training Department of US Lacrosse conducts webinars throughout the year to help  officials. Registration for all of these webinars is free of charge thanks to the generous support of our nearly 450,000 US Lacrosse members nationwide and its donors.

Here’s the schedule of upcoming webinars (note you may view recordings of webinars that have already taken place).

2019 News News and Announcements

2020 VLOA Meeting Agenda

2020 VLOA Meeting

Location: Hartford High School
January 19, 2020

Time Topic Room
8:30 am Doors Open – Coffee and sign-in/register Cafeteria
8:45 am Welcome and Introductions:
Brett DiVenere, VLOA President
George Cook, Vice President
Paul Trono, Secretary/Treasurer
Eric Evans, Training Coordinator and Rules Interpreter
Craig Benson, Assignor
Officers reports (Powell, Trono)
9:00 am VLOA Mission Statement Cafeteria
9:30 am Discuss business of VLOA:
Proposed by-law amendments
Walk through and open floor to comments
Assignor’s Report
Secretary’s report on financials/budget
New/old business
10:00 am Break out groups: 30 minutes each:
New Officials Training – (Shannon Sweet and Rob Mullin)
ArbiterSports Training – (Jeff Dobbin and Craig Benson)
Face-Offs Training – (Shawn Reilly)
Game Management Training – (Steve Salotti)
11:30 am New Rules, Points of Emphasis – Eric Evans
Adjourn by noon (12:00 pm)
12:00 pm Social at Big Fatty’s BBQ
186 South Main Street
White River Junction, VT 05001
2019 News News and Announcements

Open Letter to VLOA Members

Good Afternoon VLOA Members,

I hope that you’ve had a restful and eventful summer as the weather has been a steady mix of showers, storms and sun. Lacrosse weekends in Stowe were hot and filled with spirited contests.

For those of you who have not heard, our Assignor, Terry Harlow has stepped down after years of service to Vermont High School Lacrosse. His passion and participation as a member of VLOA and then as our assignor has contributed greatly to our continued work to be consistent, fair and knowledgeable officials. It is the goal of the executive board to have representation and voice in the selection of our next assignor.

The Board of Directors met in June to discuss, if the need arose, our participation in the Assignor selection process. Our Bylaws, referenced here state: Article 5 (g). The Board of Directors shall appoint the Rules Interpreter and shall make recommendations to the leagues and the VPA as to the appointment of the Assignor(s). We identified the need to contact both the Lacrosse Committee and Melba Masse, of the NVAC to promote our desire to be involved. The most current information gathered was distributed in an email and posted to our website.

It is my opinion that a candidate for Assignor be:

  • A Member of VLOA with 3 or more years as an official
  • A positive and constructive communicator
  • Knowledgeable of Official’s skills
  • Willing to provide transparent feedback from coaches and AD’s as necessary
  • Support the training/recruitment process
  • Organized and able to use the appropriate assigning software

The VLOA Board of Directors has not made any recommendations to the VPA or the Lacrosse Committee who ultimately will make the decision. In the interest of transparency and continuity among our membership, interested individuals may strongly consider communicating their intentions to the Board. We have an association in need of cohesiveness and unity. The opportunity to identify a new assignor is an important endeavor.

Training and Recruitment of Officials:

It is always the right time to recruit new officials. A reflection and discussion we’ve had for years is the need for training and recruitment earlier than our first business meeting. In June, the Board of Directors discussed potential training, class time and field time in the fall.

  • Game On VT may be organizing a Fall/Winter HS league at the Fairgrounds in Essex which would provide a great opportunity to train officials. Watch for details. I am hoping this league takes shape.
  • Norwich University conducts a fall scrimmage on the second or third weekend in October that has served as a one day training opportunity in the past. We’d like to do this again. Watch for announcements. Just recently, I talked to the coach and he may have additional intrasquad scrimmages that we can utilize. He will be in touch with Jeff Snyder and myself to organize this.

Additional Notes:

  • Dues August 1st
  • Board of Director discussed moving the first business meeting to January.


Brett DiVenere
VLOA President

2019 News

George Cook Honored For Service

On Tuesday, May 21, 2019, The Rutland Lacrosse Community took a moment to recognize referee George Cook for over 30 years of service. Cook received a signed helmet from the Rutland players and was honored at halftime of the Colchester/Rutland matchup at Rutland high school.

George Cook honored at halftime with fellow referee Gunther Sihler along with Bob Abrahamson and the Rutland coaches.
George Cook’s partners for the Rutland/Colchester game were Eric Evans and Gunther Sihler (L-R: Evans, Cook, Sihler).
2019 News News and Announcements

2019 VLOA Meeting Agenda

2019 End of Year VLOA Meeting

Location: Montpelier VFW
May 30th, 2019

Time: 5:00 p.m.

PLEASE RSVP to Paul Trono at or via phone at 802-373-4342.

If you are unable to attend, please see the bylaws that outlines requirements for missing a noticed required meeting.

The meeting is a “Required” Business Meeting as a vote is needed to accept or refuse language changes to Bylaws.

The Board Of Directors has recommended the proposed changes to clarify the intention and purpose of “Life Members”.  The proposed changes are in the attached PDF.


Welcome and Announcements:
Agenda Review (10 minutes)
Assignor discussion points (10 minutes)
New/other business
Dinner and Cup Stories


Brett DiVenere
VLOA President