2016 Bylaws and Minutes

2016 Documents

VLOA end of season meeting minutes 30 May 2016; Willy B’s Tavern, Randolph

President Westbrook opened the meeting by addressing various chapter actions in the recent past; Matt Birmingham’s resignation as vice president, and the appointment of Bill Powell to finish Matt’s term, and the appointment of Paul Trono as Secretary/Treasurer, as Ben Marlow had tendered his resignation as well. Many thanks to Ben and Matt for their service.

Clay reminded members in attendance of VLOA’s commitment to recruiting and training of new officials. He described various training processes, including USLacrosse training provided by Brett DiVenere, and the three man training under Eric Evans’ auspices at various tournaments. Westbrook restated and reiterated the on-going support and mission of VLOA to attract and retain qualified officials statewide.

Rules Interpreter Evans has presented his training proposal and budget for the upcoming (2017) season, which the board of directors has accepted.

The issue of VLOA paying for a third on field official in the semi-finals and finals of the 2016 VPA tournament, was approved by a vote of members in attendance. This has been the practice for the past three years, and one that VLOA will continue to support. (scribe’s note: this has been described both as “third on field official” and “fourth official”; herein “third on field official”)

Assignor Terry Harlow announced his resignation, effective with the end of the 2016 season. The members gave Mr. Harlow their appreciation of his service to the chapter, both as an official and Assignor. Terry reiterated his appeal that the chapter needs to recruit and retain more officials, and offered his advice on making this outreach more effective, including required training and meeting attendance of prospective members.

Four members were inducted into Life Membership; Scott Cameron, Joe O’Brien, Gerry Gingras and Jamie Stewart. These candidates, along with any additional candidates proposed by members before the March 2017 business meeting , will be formally voted on then. The availability of these senior members to also become VLOA off field observers for evaluation purposes is something that will be pursued by the chapter.

In addition to the training program supported by VLOA, the “mentor/mentee” effort initiated by Assignor Harlow is another process VLOA supports to engage and retain new officials. With the pending replacement of the Assignor by the leagues, VLOA will continue to support this process going forward.

Clay stated the on-going need to provide a more thorough and integrated training and evaluation process. This sentiment was also endorsed and seconded by Jamie Stewart, George Cook and Rich Clark.

President Westbrook made a suggestion that the chapter consider a by-law change, in order to be able to conduct business at both meetings. At this time the first meeting in March is the business meeting; this forces issues that could be discussed during the season, and resolved by the vote of the membership at the end of season meeting, to be suspended until the following March. Clay will work with the board to craft a proposal along these lines for the March 2017 business meeting.

With those issues addressed, the meeting agenda turned to the Sportmanship Award. As this year the VPA has created three divisions, the chapter nominated the third Sportmanship Award to be named in honor of the third Vermont chapter member, Gerry Gingras.

The membership voted the team Sportsmanship Awards to:

Division I:             Middlebury High School

Division II:           Burlington High School

Division III:          Stratton Academy

Various tall tales from the pitch were told. Some truth was stretched. Rich Clark won the Cup.

Submitted by Bill Powell

Draft minutes, VLOA business meeting 2016

March 20th. Randolph Union High School


President’s welcome and notes

Mr. Westbrook opened the clinic and welcomed new and returning members.

Jamie Stewart recognized for service with remarks, plaque and a used crosse dating from the 20th century.

Assignors report.

Terry advised on Arbiter, evaluations by coaches, and communication among members.

New members recognized:

Rick Chambers, Scott Elithorp, George Calver, Tom Cook, Nate Brown, Jon Brown, Duke Freeman, Craig Benson, Jay Slenker, and Sean Rielly (observing only)

Duke Freeman
Robert Wyman
Joe Menoff
Robert Sabol
Ryan Housington
Daniel Mclean
Jay Slenker
Sean Reilly
Robert Pierce
Jim WOod
Alex Green
Michael Mcardle
Jake Ewards

Alex Green
Nate Rily
Sean Riley
Jay Schlanker
Dan Mclean
Rob Pierce
Bob Sabol
New  members with Woody.

Refresher Training items: Eric Evans, communication with Coaches, Penalty Relays, New Rules presentation Q&A.

Mr. Westbrook brought the business meeting into session around 10:20.

Terry and Eric spoke to various matters, including the presence among our chapter of Rob Wyman from New Orleans. He will be taking assignments from Terry; it’s an honor to have him visiting and participating as a visitor to our chapter.

Eric went through a “coach” communication presentation, based in part on what VLOA received from Arbiter coaches’ evaluations of our members in 2015. Mr. Evans used this feedback to offer strategies for effective communication with coaches.
Secretary Marlow reported on financials/budget. Said he would mail rule books earlier than meeting next year, rather than waiting for this business meeting.
Mr.Westbrook thanked Matt Birmingham for his service as vice president. Matt’s day job has led him to resign his VLOA position as v.p. Mr. Westbrook appointed Bill Powell as v.p. to fill remainder of Matt’s term.

Nomination committee to share VP nominations. Mr. West brook had appointed Brett Divenere, Gunter Sihler, and Paul Trono to serve as nomination committee. The committee has accepted the offer of Chris Harlow to serve as v.p. after the June meeting. No further nominations for v.p. were made. The outgoing chapter secretary made a motion, seconded by John Earhart, to nominate Bill Powell as president, and Chris Harlow as vice president. The vote was unanimous.

There being no more business or new business, a motion was made by John Earhart, seconded by Doug to end the meeting.