2019 NFHS Rules Changes Memo 1/23/19

To: Boys Lacrosse Administrators
From: James Weaver
Subject: 2019 Rule Corrections
Date: 1-23-2019

The purpose of this memo is to transmit corrections to the 2019 NFHS Boys Lacrosse rule book. These corrections should be applied to the interpretations of the 2019 rules. The following corrections can also be found on the NFHS Boys Lacrosse webpage.

Penalty in 5-3, page 59
Remove penalty in 5-3, editorial error.

Situations 5.4.1a, page 60
Remove situation due to duplication.

Situations 5.4.1b, page 60
Remove situation due to duplication.

Situation 5.5b, page 61
Change situation to 6 inches; editorial error with the old 6 ½ inch measurement.

Situation 5.9.3a-d, page 64 and 65
Clarification: Shall be a three-minute non-releasable if targeting a defenseless player.

Situation 6.2.1e, page 68
A second flag should create an immediate whistle; correction due to rule change.

Situation 6.5.2a, page 73
Clarification: Upon a second foul the penalty shall be a personal foul.

Rule Interpretation 6-10, Page 77
During the last two minutes a shot that hits the goalie or pipes does not remove the stall warning.

Situation 7.2j and k, page 83
Play shall end after the second flag.

Situation 7.6.4d, page 87
Play shall end after the second flag.

Situation 7.3b, page 84
Ruling change: The second penalty on team B results in the slow whistle being stopped by the official.

POE Warding P. 95 – Should read: A player may not use his crosse or any part of his body to push or control the direction of an opponent’s crosse or body. (Note “strikethrough”)

Plus we received this:
Please note that Rule 7-8 ART 1 and ART 2 remain as written (Incorrectly) in the rule book. Thus the following ruling is incorrect and please use the Note at the end as the correct interpretation.
“If a defending player commits a foul against an attacking player and an attacking player has possession of the ball and if the act of fouling does not cause the player in possession to lose possession, the official shall drop a signal flag, make the verbal signal “flag down”
Note: Possession can be lost during the flag down with the play continuing as described in ART 2.