1. Team A has satisfied the 10-sec. count into its attack area. Team passes ball but it is overthrown and ball comes to rest on the midline. Ruling? 4-14 Art. 3 touching midline=over the midline. Over and back violation

  2. Team A in possession. B1 dislodges his own goal as play continues. What do you do? What do you do if A1 shoots and scores? If possible, kill the play asap before A1 shoots. If A1 does shoot, did the ball break the imaginary plane formed by the goal line and the cross bars? If so=goal.

  3. After a goal the ball rolls out toward midfield. A1 picks up the ball and hands it to you in his stick. When you reach in to get the ball it is hard to get out. You notice stick is quite pinched. What do you do? Rule 5-5. “Every crosse on a team is subject to inspection…” Check the crosse for legality and penalize accordingly if appropriate.
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