2017 Two-Man and Three-Man Mechanics manuals added to Rules page

The 2017 Two-Man and Three-Man Mechanics manuals and PowerPoint presentations have been added to the ‘Rules’ page. Click here to view the manuals.

On-Field Preseason Training – 2017

The following on-field preseason training will take place on the following date and location (times to be determined): March 25 – Rutland High School. 2-man mechanics. […]

2017 business meeting, website and VPA assignor announcement

2017 VLOA BUSINESS MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT: The VLOA 2017 business meeting and training will be held on Sunday 19 March 2017, at the SHAPE facility on the […]

Quiz #7

A1 is injured as a goal is scored. The faceoff is delayed a bit so that A1 can be tended to and gets to walk off […]

Quiz #6

Teams are tied at the end of regulation. What are an official’s duties between now and the start of OT? Rule 4-29. Conduct a cointoss to […]

3-Man Training Opportunity

VLOA Training Sunday Nov. 13  Burr and Burton in Manchester, VT. 3-Man Mechanics. There will be pre-event homework and post-event written evaluations. Limit of 6 officials. […]

Quiz #5

Team A has satisfied the 10-sec. count into its attack area. Team passes ball but it is overthrown and ball comes to rest on the midline. […]

Quiz #4

A1 shoots and the head comes off the stick during the shot. a) goal is scored or b) goal is not scored. Ruling? Who gets ball? […]

Quiz 3

What is the difference between a disqualification and an ejection? Page 63…a player who accumulates 5 minutes of personal foul time has fouled out=disqualification. Page 63…ejection […]

Quiz #2

Under 2 minutes to play, Team A ahead. A1 brings the ball into his attack area and calls timeout. On the restart, since Team A has […]